Humidifier Services

Overly humid or overly dry air is not good for the people who breathe it, this can even create damage to house.  In order to properly deal this issue for overly dry or overly humid air, home owner must install a humidifier or dehumidifier to improve the air quality & to save on utility bills.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services carries a wide range of humidifiers and dehumidifiers & our skilled techs will help you choose a model best suited for your home needs & besides for your budget. Humidity levels between 35 – 50 percent are suitable for home comfort. In case you want your indoor environment free of microbes & that won’t damage wood, then between 45 – 50 percent humidity levels is appropriate. A steam humidifier is the right one to achieve this range. Weather forecasts for Ontario won’t make a big difference, Indoor humidity will be a constant issue for you.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical will help you to normalize the humidity in your home & to find the pure indoor air possible. We have range of whole house humidifier products. That includes flow through and steam humidifiers.