Thermostat Services

If you recently got your furnace & air conditioner or heat pump system installed, you’ll obviously wind up with a new thermostat as well. Because there is no other way to control temperature in your house. In case most of the home owners in GTA Ontario, you probably figure that a thermostat is simply a thermostat without much difference between different models.

Indeed, your systems overall performance makes a big difference in the end upon your choice of thermostat you will choose for your HVAC system, that will have its Impact on your energy bill and your home comfort. Cosmopolitan Mechanical’s certified techs are here to answer your questions & addressing your concerns ending up their expert recommendations for your home.

Once, there is a new system Installed that’s is the best time to have a new thermostat, In case you have old manual thermostat you better get rid of it because there are not compatible with modern machines. Programmable thermostats are proven top choice for saving money each month on your home energy bill. You can set your programmable thermostat to run or not run at specific time & to turn on or turn off when you get in, or out of home.

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services have the following types of Thermostats available with the Installation. Our Service experts will help you to choose the right thermostat or control box according to your home comfort requirements.

•    Programmable Thermostat
•    Wireless Thermostat
•    Digital Thermostat
•    Smart Thermostat